[Case Study] Red Cloud Financial


Trending towards success: When Red Cloud Financial Services was tasked with helping a mining company market their new green technology, it turned to Audiense’s targeting tools built on Twitter analytics to mine the data and reach new audiences. 




Red Cloud Financial Services was tasked with helping its client, a publicly-traded mining company, raise awareness about new patent-pending technology they had developed with a brand new audience. 

The company had to find a way to drive results for this new product in order to transition into new territories and effectively run a campaign that would reach those new customers. 

The ask posed two key challenges: 

1. Reach a new audience

Rather than focus on their existing mining customers, the client’s new technology appealed to a broader segment interested in green innovation and social responsibility. These were uncharted waters for Red Cloud, and nothing like the previous campaigns it had run.

2. Provide a concrete ROI 

The client was not accustomed to doing paid campaigns. The expectation for Red Cloud to spell out the ROI of an awareness-based campaign and produce results with an audience it had limited firsthand experience with was a daunting task. 

Red Cloud turned to Audiense to help reach current customers while researching prospective new ones. Audiense’s Twitter marketing product specializes in delivering impactful Twitter campaigns using its powerful audience targeting tools.




Red Cloud began by setting expectations. Leveraging insights from Audiense to create campaign performance forecasts, Red Cloud was able to set the client’s expectations regarding the end-goals and associated KPIs of the campaign. 

With help from Audiense, Red Cloud focused its research on Twitter for mining company news and related stock information. Audiense’s platform made it easy to find potential correlations between the campaign and increased interest reflected by video views and increased website traffic.

A 3-tiered approach

  1. Build brand new audiences.

    Taking direction from its client, Red Cloud Financial identified two primary audiences to focus the campaigns on: the first segment included mining and investment, the second clean tech, electric vehicles, ESG and responsible investing. Twitter’s data further helped Red Cloud align those audiences with future campaigns.

  2. Segment the new audiences. 

    Although the new audiences covered a wide range of industries, there were plenty of common threads between them. Audiense helped Red Cloud Financial mine these new segments to identify influencers, content consumption habits and more. These insights also helped them determine which accounts to follow in hopes they would reciprocate and grow the Red Cloud and client audiences.

  3. Determine which is most valuable.

    Determine which is most valuable. Using Audiense’s Targeting Pack feature, Red Cloud created laser-targeted paid Twitter ad campaigns, while using the accumulated data for Twitter segments for organic campaigns. Leveraging insights derived from the Targeting Pack feature, Audiense and Red Cloud created two unique videos targeting the two audiences. They were able to determine which video was consistently the top-performing campaign and stay on track with their targeting.




Audiense’s platform and their Twitter research helped Red Cloud find the right audiences, segment them, leverage them to grow followers and inform its overall social media strategy for both organic and paid content.

Red Cloud Financial exceeded its client’s expectations. In fact, the results of the campaigns were so positive, the client decided to move forward and ramp up another one. 

  • The combined campaigns garnered 3.5+ million impressions and 2.8+ million total views

  • There was a rise in conversation volume related to the client’s new patent-pending technology 

  • They noticed a boost in website referral traffic, including 7,000 new visitors from the promoted article and press release about their new technology

This is a prime example of how audience analytics and targeting on Twitter can help you tap into new audiences, refine marketing campaigns and deliver real results. It can be a golden opportunity to help build your clients’ brands and boost their business.




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