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Working With Creators And Influencers To Drive Awareness: What You Need To Know

In the social landscape user generated content (UGC) has become a reliable function…

Tectonic Shifts (1)

Tectonic Shifts: Investing In Energy Transitions

We follow a simple premise at Vivid Capital Management — that there are unmatched investment opportunities in the enormous…


Shifting The Green Economy – How Evs And Critical Elements Play A Part

Green energy is more than utilizing renewable and sustainable resources, and the overall journey towards net zero.

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Soft Markets Leading To 10% Drop In Global Exploration Budget (Spending) Estimates For 2022

S&P Global Market Intelligence provided its new 2022 exploration budget and spending forecasts recently and updated the data…

nexgen (1)

“Nexgen Energy Has All The Hallmarks Of A Huge Winner”

Those were the words six years ago of Warren Irwin, President, and Chief Investment Officer of hedge fund Rosseau Asset Management…

hybrid corporate access-min

The Transition From Traditional To Hybrid Corporate Access

In March 2020 the corporate world quickly adjusted to working from home at the onset of a global pandemic….

Letter from CEO

Letter From The Ceo

We entered 2022 in a struggling precious metals market and as we wind down the year, we’re seeing that investor sentiment isn’t…

Flow-through (1)

Why Flow-through Should Be Part Of Your Tax Strategy

One of the main components of any successful tax strategy is the utilization of tax deferral or tax…

critical minerals tax (1)

New 30% Critical Mineral Tax Credit Already Bearing Fruit

As most readers of this article know on April 7, 2022 the federal government introduced a new 30 per cent Critical Mineral…