Corporate Storytelling In A Digital Age

Nicole Siena VP, Studio


From videos, to press releases, to infographics – corporate storytelling takes on many shapes and forms. The strategy is ever evolving, and each tactic takes time, consideration, and analysis. We learn over time as to what has the highest potential for reach and impact. Effective storytelling is important because it has the potential to attract new investors because of an interesting hook, it can increase brand identity, and even connect on a human level with local communities. The stronger your narrative, the more effective you can make all your corporate communications. Both online and offline tactics have their own benefits, and neither should be done exclusively. Pandemic aside, it’s time for companies to look at the full picture to strategically leverage opportunities. Media and marketing have entered a new era — be open to moving away from the traditional mindset. According to a Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, it’s estimated that in 2021 retail investors accounted for 23 per cent of all U.S. equity trading – twice that of 2019, largely attributed to trading apps and investing accessibility. In an industry where there are so many options, and when investing has never been so accessible to people – how do you communicate that your option the best one for an investor to sink their teeth into? To get started, establish what your ‘golden ticket’ is. Perhaps you have a well-known management team, or maybe your project is in a location that has incredible potential. Whatever you decide to lean on – stick to that message as your corporate thesis.

Next, get to know your audience. Analytics and data will show where and who you should be targeting. Ask your website provider to send you monthly analytic reports, ask your social media managers for channel analytics and brand listening reports, and review attendee lists from conferences. Learn who’s interested, what’s working (and not), and start attracting new leads through different initiatives. Knowing who your audience is and where they are located can also fuel where you decide to travel to, and where to book your meetings.

Think about how to communicate the message. Lean on Red Cloud’s studio team for creating a corporate video or CEO message. Tap into the digital team’s data and capacity to massage the narrative, to amplify your message online through paid media and our trusted distribution network. Think about what events are worth sponsoring, and how you can attract new investors to pay attention and remember your name.

Finally, don’t be afraid of change. Learning more about the digital landscape and how to target hand-raisers can be a game changer in your communication strategy. There’s always a testing phase, and some part of your budget should be allocated to trying out new strategies and figuring out what works. Maybe the new TikTok account you’ve been thinking about launching will set you apart and reel in new investors.

Of these newer – and often younger – investors, approximately a third get the information they are looking for on social networks, according to a CNBC study. In October 2022, the TikTok hashtag #investing had amassed 8.8 billion views, while #FinTok logged over 2.1 billion views alone. Those are some big numbers. Data that supports a healthy online strategy is an integral pillar in your overall communications plan, and that can’t be ignored.

Have an open mind to test new formats, new platforms, and in places where the target audience is changing. Most of all, work with experts who will guide you. Our team of experienced content creators and digital strategists are passionate about making all of this come to life. If you’re not already working with us, reach out to [email protected]



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