Digging Deeper: Featuring Ev Nickel. TSX-V: EVNI

Andrew O’Donnell catches up with Sean Samson (President, CEO, and Director) of EV Nickel.

EV Nickel is exploring and advancing the next generation of high grade, Clean Nickel™ projects to deliver the metal needed to power the electric vehicle revolution

EV Nickel is targeting the lowest possible carbon cost per unit of Nickel and has applied for the trademark Clean Nickel™ across several jurisdictions. Clean Nickel™ will be EVNi questioning all parts of nickel production and making low-carbon production central to the business EVNi intends to develop in the Shaw Dome.

The Shaw Dome is accessible by road and only 25 km southeast of Timmins, Ontario. Langmuir is 7 km by road from the Redstone Mill which has a capacity of 2,000 tonnes/day. After recent land acquisitions, EVNi now has more than 30,000 hectares of the Shaw Dome.



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