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DIGGING DEEPER: Uranium Edition featuring Red Cloud Securities Inc. and Labrador Uranium.

On today’s episode of Digging Deeper, Andrew O’Donnell catches up with:

David Talbot (Managing Director, Head of Equity Research) Red Cloud Securities Inc.

Stephen Keith (CEO) Labrador Uranium Inc.

Red Cloud Securities

Red Cloud was founded by a group of capital markets veterans who have embraced industry challenges and designed a firm to provide unique solutions.



We have exposure to historical in-ground resources with significant new discovery potential and over 125,000 hectares in a premier mining jurisdiction. Newfoundland & Labrador ranked 8th in Fraser Institute’s 2020 Global rankings for mining investment


LUR offers investors a new investment opportunity in exploring for green minerals as the Uranium market is rebounding and attracting investor interest underpinned by a global shift towards a green economy.

Digging Deeper with Andrew O’Donnell is brought to you by The Market Mindset and Red Cloud Media.

A livestream conversation presenting key drivers, urgency, and opportunity to investors. We are at a pivotal point in history, a truly important tipping point where the need for metals and minerals is critical to the nature of energy, technology, food, and transportation. Undoubtedly the entire world is going through a transformation, a Great Reset and people must understand that at its very foundation mining is the driver. It is each pillar and keystone to support new technology in energy, driving our blockchain, 5G city of the world. On top of this chain of custody and logistics will be critical. Knowing where your ore comes from will matter. Was it done to standard? This world is coming fast. How is the company, even at a grassroots level, ready for this shift? How will it help the push toward the green dream?

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