Red Cloud 2021 Oktoberfest Fall Mining Showcase

October 18 – 20, 2021

2021 Oktoberfest Fall Mining Showcase Schedule

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9:00 am ET Karora Resources Inc.
9:00 am ET Kesselrun Resources Ltd.
9:20 am ET Cerrado Gold Corp.
9:40 am ET Graycliff Exploration Ltd.
9:40 am ET Omai Gold Mines Corp.
10:00 am ET Aurion Resources Ltd.
10:20 am ET Defiance Silver Corp.
10:20 am ET Stratabound Minerals Corp.
10:40 am ET GR Silver
Mining Ltd.
10:40 am ET Pilar Gold Inc.
11:00 am ET Aura Minerals
11:00 am ET Fury Gold Mines Ltd.
11:20 am ET Contact Gold Corp.
11:20 am ET Pancontinental Resources Corp.
11:40 am ET GCM Mining
11:40 am ET Westhaven Gold Corp.
12:00 pm ET
Fireside Chat,
with Ross Beaty,
Equinox Gold Corp.
1:00 pm ET Japan Gold Corp.
1:00 pm ET Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd.
1:20 pm ET Ethos Gold Corp.
1:20 pm ET Luminex Resources Corp.
1:40 pm ET Contango Ore Inc.
2:00 pm ET AuRista Exploration Corp.
2:00 pm ET St. Anthony Gold Corp.
2:20 pm ET SKRR Exploration Inc.
2:20 pm ET Tempus Resources Ltd.
2:40 pm ET Altaley Mining Corp.
3:00 pm ET Goldplay Mining Inc.
3:00 pm ET Whitehorse Gold Corp.
3:20 pm ET Seabridge Gold Inc.
3:40 pm ET Canagold Resources Ltd.
3:40 pm ET Pasofino Gold Ltd.
4:00 pm ET Envirogold Global
4:00 pm ET West Mining Corp.
4:20 pm ET K92 Mining Corp.
4:20 pm ET Lumina Gold Corp.
4:40 pm ET Adyton Resources Corp.
4:40 pm ET New Placer Dome Gold Corp.
9:00 am ET Denarius Metals Corp.
9:00 am ET Grid Metals Corp.
9:20 am ET GoviEx Uranium Inc.
9:20 am ET NorZinc Ltd.
9:40 am ET Blue Thunder Mining Inc.
9:40 am ET Cordoba Minerals Corp.
10:00 am ET Canadian
Resources Inc.
10:00 am ET Silver Tiger Metals Inc.
10:20 am ET Heritage Mining Inc.
10:20 am ET Vox Royalty Corp.
10:40 am ET Silver X Mining Corp.
10:40 am ET NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc.
11:00 am ET CMC Metals Ltd.
11:00 am ET Paramount Gold
Nevada Corp.
11:20 am ET Honey Badger
Silver Inc.
11:20 am ET Southern Silver
11:40 am ET Libero Copper
& Gold Corp.
11:40 am ET Reyna Silver Corp.
12:00 pm ET
Joe Mazumdar, Editor/Analyst
and Publisher,
Exploration Insights
1:00 pm ET Blackrock Silver Corp.
1:00pm ET Endurance Gold Corp.
1:20 pm ET HeliosX Lithium
& Technologies
1:20 pm ET Kootenay Silver Inc.
1:40 pm ET Orex Minerals Inc.
1:40 pm ET Strategic Metals
2:00 pm ET Lithium Chile Inc.
2:20 pm ET Aris Gold Corp.
2:20 pm ET CAVU Mining
2:40 pm ET Metallum Resources Inc.
3:00 pm ET Tier One Silver Inc.
3:00 pm ET Trillium Gold Mines Inc.
3:20 pm ET Mountain Boy
Minerals Ltd.
3:40 pm ET ValOre Metals
3:40 pm ET World Copper Ltd.
4:00 pm ET Equity Metals Corp.
4:20 pm ET Klondike Gold Corp.
4:20 pm ET Silver Viper
Minerals Corp.


Monday October 18 @ 12:00 pm ET

Thomas Brady, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Capitalight Research Inc.

Tuesday October 19 @ 12:00 pm ET

Matthew Watson

Founder and President, Precious Metals Commodity Management

Wednesday October 20 @ 12:00 pm ET

John Ciampaglia

CEO, Sprott Asset Management

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