Optimizing On-Camera Performance Bolsters Your Investment Case

By: Mark Bunting, Host Red Cloud TV

Performing on-camera is part of the job for CEOs whether they like it or not.

I say ‘performing’ because that is what it is – a performance. Being on-camera is not a natural environment. Everything is heightened and it forces participants to be hyper-aware of how they look, what they are saying, what they should not say, and what they may have forgotten to say. While they are speaking, their minds are often simultaneously telling them they could have worded their previous sentence more eloquently or their brains are not being helpful in feeding them their next bullet point.

Finding the right balance of energy, pace, articulation, concision, key messaging, and being persuasive without being promotional can be tricky.  

Some people are especially good at combining those attributes into exceptional performances during interviews. But, even the most confident and gregarious CEOs have honed their performance over time. It is unlikely they were a finished product in their first-ever interview.  

The opposite of those top performers are CEOs who may be uncomfortable on-camera – inexperienced, unconfident, nervous, inarticulate, verbose, robotic – any or all of the above.

Those are not criticisms but facts. The important thing is that all those flaws can be worked on and eliminated.  

From my perspective, I was nervous when I performed my first sportscast at CKLN Radio at the Toronto Metropolitan University (previously Ryerson University) station in Toronto. I was in a tiny production booth with a young woman who was confidently reading the news. She eventually went on to a successful radio and television career.

When it was my turn for my inaugural five-minute sportscast, I was prepared with my script written on four-by-six cards. My main problem was that my nerves caused my nose to run. While I was reading, I was distracted and desperate to wipe my nose. Anyway, I got through it and improved over time, intentionally and through repetition.

My interest in the finer points of interview performance stems from a childhood obsession with sports and television and radio in general. For example, I knew exactly when each Toronto and Buffalo tv stations’ sportscasts were on and would effortlessly flick around the dial between 6pm and 7pm.  

Before I get nostalgic and indulgent, my point is that my experience in broadcasting and now digital media puts me in a unique position to assess what works in interviews and what does not and why.  

The overriding main mission for the Red Cloud Media and Marketing team is to have our clients look good. We want CEOs and other guests to achieve optimal performances in getting their company messages across and to feel good about it after the fact.

I have been enjoying conducting media training with our clients. I like the process of identifying ways for them to deliver their messaging in a compelling way by telling a story with a beginning, middle and end. Starting strongly, ending strongly, grabbing investors’ attention, and keeping their interest.  

We believe refined and convincing on-camera performances and/or institutional presentations can be excellent, ongoing complements to a company’s overall investment case.  

Let us know if you would like to discuss some possibilities. Email [email protected] for more information.



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