Public Presence for the Metals and Mining Space

By: Nicole Siena VP, Studio, Red Cloud Financial Services

Strong social media marketing is an important component to any business’ communications and digital strategy – and the mining and metals’ space is no exception.

Over the years, we’ve seen a strong adoption from our corporate clients, however this success hasn’t come without its challenges. Perhaps the one we’ve spent the most time on, is educating our clients on the importance of why a public profile is encouraged, how to get started – and why interacting with the audience is beneficial.

There are more opportunities than ever to achieve a successful public profile that leverages exposure and showcases your vision, uniqueness, and investible storytelling.

At Red Cloud, we understand the complexities of our industry due to our holistic support model. From compliance requirements, to the intricacies of many corporate narratives, to the sensitives surrounding many communities, and the transparency required of a publicly traded company.

The Red Cloud Media team is powered by a tech stack that helps us analyze data to know what’s working, and a performant and knowledgable in-house team to create and execute strategies. Our team continues to educate our clients on best trends, niche considerations, and plans of action.

In 2023, we’re going to work hard to have industry CEOs at the forefront of trending topics. It’s not just about touting your corporate successes, but creating a brand that resonates with a new audience. For instance, we know that batteries metals, and the electric vehicle revolution is top-of-mind in the news space. It’s up to mining companies to make this transition a reality, and mining CEOs to drive home the narrative. In order to drive the story, there needs to be presence.

In a space where there is so much investment competition, standing out from the crowd matters. Our RCTV content platform has a flywheel approach that houses content about trending topics and news, is an established hub for investors to explore in order to help inform their investment decisions, and ultimately ensures distribution to a hyper targeted audience of hand raisers. We’ve seen success in our distribution growth by leaning into what works, and adjusting tactics that don’t.

With decades of experience, our team is at the forefront of industry knowledge, trends, and support. If you’d like to work with us, please email [email protected]



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