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Driven to Achieve Commercial Lithium Production

Gregg Smith
President & CEO
Grounded Lithium Corp.

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Red Cloud

Greg Phaneuf
VP Finance & CFO
Grounded Lithium Corp.

 Wednesday October 26, 2022
2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT

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Grounded Lithium Corp (“GRD”) is a built-for-purpose team of responsible successful resource developers with a vision to move rapidly towards creating “best-in-class” economic lithium salt production. GRD was incorporated 2 years ago today, October 26th, and that precipitated with the founders investing seed capital and commencing to acquire acreage based on our concepts and mapping. 

GRD is not acquiring acreage for the sake of increasing our land position in areas that have some indications for potential Lithium. Our strategy is focused to only acquire acreage that we can foresee included within our full economic resource plans of multiple projects within 5 years. Less land, more economics. 

The GRD team provides oil and gas expertise applied to what is typically considered a mining operation however, a lithium-from-brine development relies on an understanding of subsurface fluid flow and production. As such that experience teaches us that economic Lithium projects require significant Li concentrations in the rock that also provide high brine volumes and deliverability from the key zone in the shallowest possible position.  Depth to the target horizon significantly contributes to our costs.  

In these 2 years GRD grew our land position to a very focused 285 sections or 73,260 ha’s.  We are also testing existing wells and drilling our own.  The purpose of our first well is to demonstrate the strong deliverability achievable from the reservoir in this area in partnership from our mapped thick reservoir. 

We continue to clearly identify and build our technology partnerships by working with our internal Ph. D engineering specialist and internationally recognized engineering firm; which, we will announce when a contract is signed. 

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