Exploring Quebec: Assay Results Still Coming

Despite the temporary shut down of fieldwork generally in Quebec, both O3 and Troilus have a backlog of results to come to market. These remain gold stories to watch.

02:00pm EST / 11:00am PST
Wednesday April 15, 2020

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Chad Gilfillan

Senior VP, Investment Banking

Red Cloud Securities Inc.

Justin Reid

CEO and Director

Troilus Gold Corp.

Jose Vizquerra Benavides

President, CEO, and Director

O3 Mining Inc.


Troilus Gold Corp. operates as an advanced stage exploration and early-development company in Canada. The company focuses on the mineral expansion and potential mine re-start of the former gold and copper Troilus mine. Its Troilus property….Read More

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O3 Mining Inc. is an emerging consolidator of exploration properties in prospective gold camps in Canada, focused on projects in Quebec and Ontario. It controls 61,000 hectares in Val D’Or and over 50 kilometres of strike length of the Cadillac Larder breaka ….Read More

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