The Transition From Traditional To Hybrid Corporate Access

Theresa Pegolo VP, Corporate Access


In March 2020 the corporate world quickly adjusted to working from home at the onset of a global pandemic. Together we tested our microphones and cameras, rearranged our routines, adjusted our wardrobe, and reconfigured our homes.

We can chuckle at the memories now, but the corporate world was evidently comfortable at home. Now we question – how do we move on? Having worked in corporate access and in the financial district for more than 10 years, witnessing the shift to virtual meetings has completely altered the entire flywheel of creating a cohesive marketing experience. Pre-pandemic, the physical logistics of a full day stacked one-hour meetings was daunting on C-suites, not to mention a costly endeavour for IR teams to coordinate.

Fast forward, the shift to hosting virtual one-on-one meetings seemingly created a solution to a packed calendar and padded everyone’s pocketbooks with the elimination of costs. However, what was also eliminated, was human connection. As we turn a corner in a pandemic ridden world, and start to establish a “new normal”, many are questioning whether our virtual landscape can sustain strong long-term business relationships.

At Red Cloud, we find immeasurable value in face-to-face time. Our business and our relationships are built on it. Yes, there are obvious and tangible benefits to sharing your story with a virtual audience. However, like everything else, there needs to be a balance. Looking at each opportunity uniquely is what fuels our advice.

For instance, you can’t put a price on what an in-person touchpoint with a potential investor can establish in terms of clarity, productivity and connection. Whereas shouting your story from the metaphorical digital rooftops, has more global distribution potential with some paid media budget and a strong video message. WeWork published a very insightful article in 2021 titled “Benefits of In-Person Meetings and How to Still Have Them”.

The article outlines the benefits as having, “clearer communication, fewer interruptions, stronger relationships, builds trust and more attentive participants”. These benefits are the fundamentals to our corporates building a lasting relationship with their investors. When you attend a Red Cloud conference in-person, we are breaking bread together.

We shake hands, clink glasses, share a meal, and get inspired. Red Cloud hosts our annual conferences to celebrate and showcase our top corporates to an audience that we call friends and family. When you attend a Red Cloud conference, we want you to have an educational experience. Learn about new companies, get caught up on familiar names and explore different investment opportunities and ideas through our keynote sessions. We have seen the value in hosting and will continue to find the middle ground with hybrid event opportunities, and exclusive virtual events series



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