What’s New at Red Cloud Media

By: Mark Bunting Host, RCTV

Amid the Red Cloud Pre-PDAC Mining Showcase and just a couple months into the new calendar year, it’s a good time to reflect on new media initiatives, highlights, and impressions since starting as the host of RCTV six months ago.

I’ve conducted more than 100 interviews with industry CEOs, thought leaders, and influential names in the junior mining space during this time. Spread out over our RCTV “In Conversation with” series, press release CEOs interview, Fall Mining Showcase on-site interviews, and most recently – our attendance to the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC) in January.

Red Cloud’s distinctive branding and professionalism has set us apart from other vendors in media row, conversations have been thought provoking, and our distribution power has continued to grow.

Standout conversations include Rick Rule of Rule Investment Media (he was on fire in our interview at VRIC), and Brent Cook, Senior Advisor and Founder of Exploration Insights.
I used to regularly interview both gentlemen during my BNN Bloomberg days. It was great to catch up with Rick, and Brent and I easily fell back into the comfortable rapport we’ve always had as Brent discussed new technologies and gave us some of his top ideas.

We helped CEOs break news – including Dev Randhawa, Chairman & CEO, F3 Uranium,
who talked about the company’s off-scale radioactive discovery, why it may be the best he’s ever seen, and what’s next for the company.

Conversations expanded on corporate narratives such as Ur-Energy’s Chairman, CEO and President, John Cash’s interview about the company’s future production plans, its patented well installation technology, and the global nuclear energy transition.

And, Stephen Roman, Chairman, President & CEO, Global Atomic, talked with me about his journey with the company he founded, and major milestones to production in 2025.

I conduct the same extensive research for every interview I do. More than 20 years of experience allows me to focus on eliciting relevant, resonating and actionable information from CEOs about the companies they lead and the catalysts they’re excited about. I take pride in the quality of questions and in advancing a company’s story. I think that translates to the camera.

If you haven’t explored our RCTV interviews, you can find them all on the RCTV YouTube page.

Red Cloud Media has also launched new initiatives, such as advertisement campaigns on BNN Bloomberg. Over the course of a month, corporates get national exposure that includes a 30-second interview-style commercial, plus on-screen logo placement among other highlights.

These dynamic ads, fully produced by Red Cloud and hosted by me, are an excellent way to expose your listed company to engaged, educated, and captive retail and institutional investors. The BNN Bloomberg ads are an effective complement to the existing digital marketing and social media engagement that most companies are already doing.

We are also offering media training sessions for any CEO or company representative who would like to enhance their on-camera messaging and performance. I conduct an initial training session on effective preparation, best messaging techniques, performance
tips, how to handle a question you’d rather
not answer, and more. That’s followed up with another session reviewing recent on-camera appearances where the client has put their new methods to work. I’ve had hundreds of executives in front of me in interview settings over the years. Everyone is different. Some
are fully formed right out of the box while others need some guidance and polishing to get their confidence, messaging and overall performance to a more refined level.

Having said all of that, I am certain that the Red Cloud Pre-PDAC Mining Showcase
will provide participants with many more profitable investment ideas, insights, mutually beneficial relationships, and a few good memories.

If you’re interested in any of the services I’ve mentioned here – please reach out to media@

Enjoy the conference!



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